Shop Drawings

Our team specializes in CAD Software(2D,3D), outlining all details and sections for items that need to be custom-fit or manufactured for the project, such as shower enclosures, FF&E, millwork, custom bathroom accessories & plumbing fixtures.

Custom Annotations

We will provide custom dimensions to adapt every item to its installation space according to the provided plans to fit the custom needs of your space and provide the factory with the final measurements.

Material List

We will indicate all of the used materials and elements such as screws on the drawings. This is in order to provide the factory with clear instructions on how to manufacture the item and what element should be used.

Comments & Indications

We will indicate assembly order and instructions when needed. Also, we will provide suggestions on what elements to use so the factory can pick which ones suit their process and possibilities better without increasing the cost.

Start Now!.

We can create a whole set of shop drawings for your project, just send us the building plans and the list of items you need to be represented!.